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The Monitoring Committee of the “Environment and Climate Change” Programme 2021-2027 was established on October 20, 2022.

The Committee monitors the implementation and progress of the “Environment and Climate Change” Programme through yearly plenary meetings as well as through written procedures and shall review all issues that affect the progress of the programme towards achieving its objectives.

The Chairman of the Monitoring Committee is the Special Secretary for the Management of ERDF and Cohesion Fund Programmes and its voting members are (a) Representatives of the management and coordination authorities, (b) Representatives of public authorities, special services and staff structures of Ministries and the MOU, (c) Representatives of self-government, the Union of Regions of Greece and the Central Union of Municipalities, (d) Representatives of economic and social partners and Civil Society organizations.

The Monitoring Committee participants without the right to vote include representatives of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank, representatives of the national co-ordinating Services and the General Directorate of Public Investments, representatives of the Auditing Authority, representatives of the General Directorates and entities supervised by the Ministry of Environment & Energy, in the energy and environment sectors, representatives of the Managing Authorities of Regional and Sectoral Programmes, the Special Coordination Service of the Resilience Recovery Fund, representatives of main beneficiary networks, of the General Secretariat of Research and Innovation and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, representatives of ecological organizations and NGOs, National Authorities of Transparency, Accessibility and the National Commission for Human Rights.

The monitoring committee adopts its rules of procedure. The rules of procedure and the data and information shared with the monitoring committee are published on a dedicated website.

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